Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don 2 : Been there DON that !!

If you watch movies to draw comparisons in the end over a chilled beer with your friends then you should NOT watch movies like DON 2 coz you will end up talking more about the Bourne,Ocean's,Bond Series and the latest Anil Kapoor Blockbuster MI4 : Ghost protocol !! (yes :-) it is an ANIL KAPOOR movie, I checked IMDB !!!  )
 But if you want to enjoy a movie purely seen from your vantage point then you are in for a festive treat for 2hr30 mins of class.
The movie starts and all you hope for is " I hope I dont go through wat I went through in Ra.One again ". Rest assured the thought of SRK appearing as a Sanitary Pad Brand ambassador with his "Bleeding Blue" image passes as swiftly as DON's stay in Thailand where the movie Kicks-off with some cheesy yet awesome dialogues. Don2 is set 5 years after the first one and is entirely based on his ambition to rule the drug Cartel in Europe and is mostly set in Berlin as the movie unfolds ( wise decision since that is where his fans paid close to 1500$ to watch MNIK at the film festival).Every move he makes must be executed well after the disaster of his previous movie and he delivers.You are eased into all the main character's and the Prison scene showing an intense faceoff between Don and Boman Irani (who was the best part of the first movie,does justice to whatever little part he has been given )is quite intimidating . Actor of Om Puri's stature has been wasted in the movie and his character could have been so much better.

The 1st half of the movie does not quite move at a pace which Action Thriller's are supposed to but u know it sets up the plot nicely for the intense half that follows.In particular is a Car Chase scene between Don and Priyanka(ROMA) which is shot so well that it draws instant comparisons with any hollwood scene you have seen and not to forget SRK's loyalty to his sponsors Hyundai by showing their Cars in it,in a country known for its famed Car manufacturer's.

There isnt much of a Chemistry or Bonding between any of the character's so there is no question of a romanctic angle to be expected in the movie.All that happens are some anoying exchange of words between DON and Roma who he still has a special feeling for inspite of having the stunning Lara dutta beside's him.Anyone who has seen Woody Allen's - Midnight in Paris will know Adrain Brody's awesome little cameo was a highlight of the movie and with DON you dont quite get the same thing but we certainly have a winner fo the ITEM no. of the year in Hrithik Roshan and his classy guest appearance for the Charity ball dance which reminds you of the Bond movies and Brits !! (great warmup for Agneepath i say !! )
The movie gears up well for the part of the movie involving a Bank Hiest which takes up most of the runtime and there isnt much to talk about the plot and a certain few hoels in the plot .Don somehow manages to always stay one step ahead of others,never seems to slow down and executes every move with the perfection of a picasso if u'd like to mock him.

Farhan Akhtar surely goes in for the safer option of being a bit cliche'd with how the movie shapes up but there is no questioning one of the finest directors we have around.Every scene shot looks as smooth as any hollywood spy,crime,thriller or action movie you have seen and kudos to Farhan for delievering on all fronts with the smoothness of the characters and the story at hand.Dialogues are mindblowing, though same cannot be said about the story writing which misses the Really Complex  twists and turns of the first movie.The climax has its own twists and turns which would give you a mixed feeling untill the final twist which was worthy of the time you spend anticipating " What Next " . .

If you are a SRK fanboy , you'd instantly have a fleeting thought about Darr, Baazigar or an Anjaam where his acting is far superior than the Ham king he has portyayed in some other notable movies which went on to be blockbuster's inspite of notable disgust associated with the know it that when SRK doesnt act like himself he does a mindblowing job with the character,same for DON2 his raw look,his punchlines,his energy in fight sequences and his intensity is not to be questioned as he executes it as well as he could have as a bad a**, You cannot imagine anyone else play the character the way he does with his own cunning charm and persona.

All an all a great movie to watch and remind you of the fact that yes a movie seen without comparisons will make you feel good about Hindi cinema and its improvements over the years.Classy , Smooth , Polished movie to watch out for.The 3D version is not something you would miss out on so 2D is more than fine. If you are a SRK fan you dont need to read any of this , just go and WATCH IT.

P.S - This is not a Review its just a Reaction !! same way as I would to a Fart or a FlashMob so dont hunt for any Stars . *Thumbs up*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ra.One : gOne with the Wind and Volkswagens...

Back in college when people were making career choices,I wud go around asking girls what kind of guys do they prefer to be with ?. The answer invariably would be they'd prefer a Filthy rich boy with a cute Blue Eyed boy kind of an image.If today after all the years of they wud tell me they want a similar kind of guy , Chances are pretty high that a RICH , FLITHY , F***er from Bandra with Blue Eyes will come up to them and say " wanna be my chammak challo ?? o o o o .. and you will want to kick him in his balls.

Yes . . . enter SRK in a Volkswagen Beetle : A car that sum up the movie coz You dont know whether to like it or no but since you spend so much money on it you want to like it but you just cant .Srk portrays an annoying Sounth-indian techie who wants to with his cheesy lines be his son's hero in life.he works for a gaming company headed by Dilip Tahil yes the bad guy who played Madan Chopra in the other movie years back where SRK had one BLUE Eye:(Baazigar 1993) and the stupid dialogue session makes you cringe in your seats.Movie picks up after a while when the best part of the movie is the sequence where the game is developed and the main protagonist Ra.One comes to life.

Back home SRK struggles to balance his uber cool image and impress his son but he magically has one thing which no one has , Yes ... a  Trophy Wife in the form of Kareena Kapoor hurls abuses and writes a thesis on foul language.For a SRK movie there is very little chemistry shown between the lead actors but its mainly due to the fact that the residual smell of Curd with Pasta Arrabiatta eaten with his hands lingers on and you see absolutely " no touching no touching , no kissing no kissing " in the movie.Eventually G.One is born and you wish you were Gone by now.

Some good parts are really good but then the bad ones make up for it instantly.The VFX in the movie works well at times like when the Car chase scene when Kareena driving a SUV goes throw the iconic London Bus and manages to come out of the other end looking actually prettier.The story drags towards an intermission and  then starts to get serious with the plot ( atleast thats what you hope for ) but then falls apart again with some bad editing and unwanted comedy which now takes place in India coz apparently Anubhav Sinha ran out of enough ideas to blow up cars in London.

The Movie lacks a good story which should be the base of any movie : A great concept of a Game where the Villian never loses has boiled down into a bits and pieces stuff and carelessly playing around with VFX , Rajnikant , and just a bit over 145 Crores blown up in air. If you leave aside Chammak Challo ( which deserves the praise )and  SRK's ambition and dream to make a Superhero movie which is a commendable one and worth praising , you leave the movie with a sad climax with a feeling that it could have been so much better on So many levels but then you knew this wud happen when you take a Director who has CASH as his previous movie on the resume.

All and all a movie which fails to live up to the expectation it was supposed to and the much hyped VFX were far from anything.The young bright kid in the movie is the saving grace and SRK with his energy is never to be questioned .Watch it if you have kids and you want to end up buying a PS game for him/her after the movie or if you are a Die Hard SRK fan for which you do not need any reason .

The question i asked myself is " If RA.ONE had to go down , why wait till Diwali coz Dushera was the right time for it.A promising movie with average direction which could have been so much better.Hopefully the Sequel which is evident from the climax will deliver something tastier.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As Bad As You Can Get : Bodyguard

There are legendary movies , there are great movies , there are bad movies , there are Walkout movies and then there is BODYGUARD.A film that makes you wonder about all the decision's youve taken in life and suddenly conclude: YES this was the worst you made to go and watch it .
To start of the atrocious piece of cinema that bodyguard serve's on your plate is through scenes which make a Rajnikant admit he could not have pulled it off.Salman khan's character starts of with a dabang meets shivaji meets singham style action sequence and some really good use of the dolby surround sound and a legendary Rerun of the famous Sholay dialogue by Asrani " Aadhe idhar jao aadhe udhar jao baaki mere peeche aao ".you are 10 minutes into the movie and you are already thinking about your fear's coming true.
End of some Dolby powered fight scene's , introduction of Familiar characters/actors in a salman movie and then comes the women .Kareena and her friend seem to be the only shining light in the movie - shows how desparate your search is to find some positives while bearing oddly about 150 mins.Then starts the making of a love story a love story which has no meaning which has conventional approach and a dumbf**k bodyguard who is all devoted to his Kartavya to protect a girl.
The movie drags to a painful interval and you know there is as much to go as much as you already managed to survive .the battle is just half won and it gets worse in the 2nd half of the movie with a tale of love deciet betrayal , lies sacrifice somehow all culminating to a final end product which makes you wonder what cinema has progressed to.the climax is particularly worth laughing ( that is if u haven still walked out of the movie yet ) where salman and his crew pull of a DDLJ KKHH plot and one little annoying kid who is showcasing his emotional side too much .
Movies like these make you wonder why our cinema has not progressed beyond a certain level , its not to blame the makers but the viewers as well . A crappy movie like this goes on and Shatters box office records grossing 20 odd crores on the First day itself , where as a pure piece of cinematic brilliance like some of the work by the really good directors of the country are satisfied if it breaks even too.
Cinema should be about portraying passion towards film making and not just vying commercial success.I am glad in the khan ruled world of bollywood there are still makers like Anurag Kashyap,Dibakar banerjee etc who make films out of pure passion and vision to satisfy maybe a small but a worthy audience without falling for the temptation of the box office gains.
All and all a poorly executed movie with no meaning what - so - ever and for all those who still wanna watch it well cant convince them ... Life is too short to do so many other imp things in life.
P.S - i have never written anything ever in my life , my first reaction to a movie on a blog , pardon me for the errors and everything , and if u read this after watchin the movie i know no mistake of mine could make your evening worse.