Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Roar is Back !!!

" Mr.Federer has one challenge remaining " . . . says chair umpire Enric Molina regarding Roger but I beg to differ.
The talks of the ghost of 2008 returning to haunt him were around,the helpless soul of Fred Perry who every time Murray comes till the business end of a tournament is woken up from his peaceful slumber,the Sampras/Renshaw records and reclaiming the No.1 spot once again were there as a constant reminder that this one is going to be special
If going past Pistol Pete for number 15 was a special one,this one was to savor like a gourmet dish served on a fan's favourite plate : The Wimbledon Center Court !!

With a nervy start and allowing the Brit ( who just would not let FredPerry's Soul R.I.P ) to dominate the first few games and in the process losing the set.The out came the Artist !! who in Alan Wilkins words " moves like a Gazelle " n not JAGGER !! . What followed was a piece of Art that would make a Picasso look faded in front of his strokes : the slice , the drop , the forehand down the line , the cross court backhand flick and his beloved Serve down the T  and eventually sealing no.17 and falling down on his beloved center court.

Toughest part about being a champion is controlling the mind : What Roger does is he hides that part with a minimal show of emotions on court thus deceiving the opposition most times . He aint no McEnroe or Goran to have an outburst and spend a fair share of his prize money paying hefty fines but in Ravi Shastri's words " He lets his Bat(Racquet) do the talking on most instances ".

Being a Federer fan is equally tough as being Roger himself !! The constant nagging from the Rafa fans who become Djoko fans on the Hard courts and the Djoko fans who are originally Nadal fans hoping the Gap of GS wins is more or less the same with every passing tournament , and when youre done handling them there are the Murray fans who turn up on center court to see David Beckham !!! . Whats equalling annoying is when ppl go Gaga over Rafa being the great athlete that he is , they tend to forget the movement and distance covered by Roger on court by just being as a figure skating team.

Whats more to achieve ??  . . . . We will wait and see. . . till then lets celebrate each stroke of the Genius !!!

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