Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Take a Rain Check !! : 9 of the finest movies I've seen this Month.

Problem : Its Raining everywhere.
Solution :
Ride the pothole infested roads,get a spine adjustment by the chiropractor,Call up your boss or check his ' Last seen ' on Whatsapp and Take a Rain Check.
Sit home with a coffee or if u're like Jesus,turn all that water into wine and watch these fantastic films , the best movies ive seen this last month or so.Some worthy of being the best in the year too.
Randomly sharing , too lazy too describe them.
P.S - have not included Korean or French Cinema coz then like Uday Chopra's career these films would take a massive beating because we all know that those two countries make the best God Damn Films you will ever see !!

Title : Ha-Notenet
Language : Hebrew

Title : We Steal Secrets : The Story of Wikileaks
Language : English

Title : Hemel
Language : Dutch

Title : Jatts in Golmaal
Language : Punjabi

Title : Ship of Theseus
Language : Hindi/English

Title : Before Midnight
Language : English

Title : Trance
Language : English

Title : Breaking the Girls
Language : English

Title : Only God Forgives
Language :English

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